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Case studies (references on request)

Engineering Audit Uncovers $87,210 Overcharge (Landlord Bill Issue)

The client is an in line tenant with over 2,200 locations throughout the United States and Canada. About one third of their locations are in super regional malls. In one Pennsylvania location, the common area utility expense as well as the tenant electric charge was way out of line for a store of its size.

REMCO concluded through an engineering audit that the landlord was charging out the entire master meter bill to the in-line tenants, which included the landlord's 40 story office building along with the major department stores.

In this particular case, REMCO was able to get back over $87,210 for this client.

California, Specialty Retailer

Fraudulent Documents Cause $72,151 Overcharge (Landlord Bill Issue)

This client is a retailer with over 550 locations nationwide with an energy spend of approximately $13,000,000.

In reviewing the charges, REMCO's analyst suspected that the client was being overcharged by the landlord. After further analysis, it was discovered that the landlord created fraudulent back up using utility company letter head. REMCO was able to recoup $72,151 for their client, which covered a 6 year period.

Texas, Big Box Retailer

Inflated Meter Readings Cause $63,254 Overcharge (Landlord Bill Issue)

The client is a retailer in excess of 916 stores located in 37 states, with a large mall presence.

In this case, REMCO's analysts and engineers could not resolve the overcharge issue without installing a test meter which was monitored over the internet. The results of the test meter showed that landlord's meter readings were inflated from the inception of the lease.

REMCO was able to recover $63,254 for this client.

Pennsylvania, Convenience Store

$536,221 in Overcharges Missed by Other Auditor (Utility Bill Issue)

The client is an in–line tenant with approximately 225 locations.

Initially, the client retained REMCO to review only their landlord utility charges. Recently the client asked to look at their direct paid utility bills which were previously reviewed by another energy consultant. REMCO's analysts and engineers found $536,221 in additional overcharges.

The other consulting company only found $2,331 in overcharges for the same locations.

South East, Sporting Goods

Landlord's Overcharge Becomes Tenant's Problem - $230,125 Recovered

This client is one of our big box store clients with 998 locations. The particular location is 65,223 square feet in North East Pennsylvania.

Under initial review, REMCO's engineers knew that a $651,237 charge for 22,517 square feet of CAM space was totally unreasonable. It was not until a further investigation that they discovered the demand meter was malfunctioning. In summary, because of the meter error, the landlord was being overcharged by the utility provider. The landlord since received a credit from the utility company of $1,575,331.22.

REMCO was able to obtain a $230,125 refund for the client.

North Eastern Pennsylvania, Big Box Store

Malfunctioning Meter Causes $32,961 Overcharge (Utility Bill Issue)

This client has 126 locations in 47 states. This particular site was in a strip center mall.

At first glance it looked as though the client had an operational problem because of the magnitude of the overcharge. However, REMCO's engineering department determined that the meter was malfunctioning.

The meter was replaced and REMCO was able to obtain a $32,961.14 refund for the client from their utility provider.

South West, Restaurant / Bar

Novel Solutions Saves Client $12,372/year (Utility Bill Issue)

This client has 321 locations with a significant presence in the outlet centers.

During the course of the audit REMCO's analysts and engineering department determined that the bills for this particular 12,378 square foot location were unreasonable.From the utility bill alone, REMCO could not identify any errors from the actual utility bill. Therefore, REMCO dispatched one of our engineers on site.After performing various test (Connected Load Study and Modified Bin) the engineer determined that the heating unit was not in conformity with the size of the location.In a nutshell, the store manager was cranking up the heat in the cold winter months. Since the heating unit exceeded the capacity for this stores square footage, the demand spiked and caused a penalty to be incurred.

Simply by disconnecting 60 KW of electric heat, the client was able to save an average of $12,372 per year.

East Coast, Specialty Retailer

Engineering Tests Result in $11,982 Refund (Utility Bill Issue)

This is one of our newer inline tenants with 2,167 locations and an average square footage of 1,930 square feet.

Our client had just switched energy consultants 3 months ago.Our engineering department benchmarked this particular site. During one of their routine reasonable tests, they discovered that the electric charge was $5 per square foot and should have only been $3.75.REMCO calculated that its client was being overcharged by the utility company for 12 years. Unfortunately do to the utility company's tariff REMCO could only go back for 3 years.

Still we were able to obtain $11,982.19 in refunds for this client.

Mid West, Specialty Retailer

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