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Forensic Utility Audits™

REMCO has been generating large savings for its clients with our Forensic Utility Audits™ for over 31 years. In addition to REMCO's extensive industry experience and expertise, REMCO is unique in that it has a team of engineers that review invoices and create energy models that accurately reflect your actual energy requirements. These engineering reviews and energy models quickly spot utility overcharges that cannot be found with just invoice audits. REMCO’s Forensic Utility Audits™ covers all possibilities, both accounting and engineering, and results in the greatest overcharge discoveries and the most savings for our clients.

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Bill Processing

REMCO Energy also provides its clients with a highly accurate and cost effective outsourced utility bill processing. Our IT department will custom design a solution that interfaces with your accounts payable general ledger system (PeopleSoft, Oracle, JP Edwards, SAP … just to name a few). And if you choose to have your bills paid directly to the utility company, for your peace of mind, we only work with FDIC member banks. We are Sarbanes-Oxley compliant and SAS70 certified.

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Forensic Landlord Invoice Audits™

REMCO has been auditing landlord invoices since 1984. We helped set the standards that are in place today. The REMCO Forensic Landlord Invoice Audit™ includes both an audit of the actual landlord invoices and REMCO's Forensic Utility Audit™. REMCO's extensive library profiling all major landlord throughout the country in invaluable when auditing landlord invoices.  Our professional staff analyze summary and detail billings, reconcile all year-end true ups, write the landlord claims on your behalf, install and monitor test metering where necessary, dispatch our staff to your site, and provide expert testimony where needed.

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Strategic Energy Planning

Controlling energy costs requires having an active Stragetic Energy Plan. Utility and landlord invoice auditing will insure that your company is only paying for the energy your business consumes, but a comprehensive and active Strategic Energy Plan will identify where energy costs can be reduced, and outline programs and disciplines for keeping your energy costs at a minimum. REMCO has we have extensive experience working with medium and large multi-site businesses developing Strategic Energy Plans. Our staff of auditors and energy engineers can review your existing Strategic Energy Plan and use their expertise to draw attention to areas of previously unrealized cost savings and to recommend new ways of further reducing costs. We can also work with your management team to develop, from the ground up, a comprehensive and workable Strategic Energy Plan.

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Energy Monitoring and Management System

Innovative Energy Technologies, a division of REMCO, offers a unique Internet-based Energy Management System for multi-chain retailers with locations as small as 1,500 square feet. 

The nucleus of the Energy Management System is a patent-pending controller that enables monitoring and remote control of individual uses of electricity or natural gas with integrated thermostats and load controllers.  In addition to providing optimal energy utilization, the system enhances store operations by monitoring maintenance and service-related issues.

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Regulatory Utility Audits

A Regulatory Audit is different from a Bill Audit...

A bill audit checks to ensure that the bill is being properly calculated and there are no duplicate payments, overlaps, in billing dates, overlaps in meter readings, service is on the proper rate schedule, sum of the line items equal the total, demand not being reset, etc.

A regulatory audit checks to endure that the revenue increase granted by the public utility commission was properly translated into the tariff.

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Remco’s team of professionals is constantly monitoring the energy market for the best Possible rates with regards to electricity and gas. Because we use Reliable Power Corporation for our clients deregulation needs we are able to obtain the best possible rates for our clients in the deregulated market place.

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About Us

REMCO Energy operates as an energy consulting, expense reduction and bill payment company for specialty retailers throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Many name-brand retailers for whom REMCO Energy is successfully helping reduce, manage and control energy expenses.

Our Philosophy

At Remco Energy Solutions, we believe results speak louder than words. Since the company’s founding in 1984, that philosophy has made us an industry leader in utility auditing and bill management.

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