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Sustainability and Compliance

Our web based energy star platform provides the following executive dashboard reports:

  1. Benchmarking summary reports: A quick dashboard glance at every facilities meter and energy/spend data.
  2. Facility/Site Benchmarking Track sheet: To check the status of each facility being benchmarked.
  3. Site Benchmarking Report: Detailed view of each site/facility benchmarking activity by month.

Action Items:

  • Benchmarking Summary Report
  • Include Sites/Facilities for Benchmarking
  • Manage Benchmarked Facility-Bulk Upload
  • Add multiple buildings
  • Approve attributes for benchmarking
  • Submit Facility Building data to EPS/Energy Star
  • Facility Site/Bench marking track sheet
  • Site benchmark Report
  • Facility Site Energy Star Status
  • Update Facility Site Energy

Our web based energy star benchmarking model has robust graphical user interface based workflow comprised of:

  • Selection of sites for benchmarking
  • Marking facility space attributes in line with EPA definitions and requirements
  • Adding multiple buildings under the facility space
  • Approving facility space attributes populated in the web based platform by an officer of the company.
  • Submitting facility attributes and meter information to the EPA via ABS services with a click of the button
  • Providing front end graphical validation of meter usage and spend data/
  • Submission of calendar normalized meter usage and track sheet management.
  • In summary the web based platform provides a software interface for automated submission of building energy data.

    Energy Star returns energy use information and an Energy building rating on energy efficiencies that can be used to achieve efficiencies and certifications. There is no need to enter the information twice as the information is already in the system from bill processing module.

About Us

REMCO Energy operates as an energy consulting, expense reduction and bill payment company for specialty retailers throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Many name-brand retailers for whom REMCO Energy is successfully helping reduce, manage and control energy expenses.

Our Philosophy

At Remco Energy Solutions, we believe results speak louder than words. Since the company’s founding in 1984, that philosophy has made us an industry leader in utility auditing and bill management.

Contact Info

Phone: (908) 420-7519
Address: 5 Independence Way • Princeton, NJ 08540

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