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"in-depth audits for better results"

Landlord Invoice Audits

REMCO has been auditing landlord invoices since 1984. We helped set the standards that are in place today. The REMCO Forensic Landlord Invoice Audit™ includes the following:


Review and Analyze Landlord Invoices - Reconcile, True-ups, File Claims

Our engineers will analyze summary and detail billings, reconcile all year end true ups, write landlord claims on your behalf, install and monitor test metering where necessary, dispatch engineers on site, and provide expert testimony where needed. To assist us in our analysis, REMCO has built up an extensive library of leases throughout the country.  We understand and are sensitive to your relationships with your landlord and we respect that. We will follow your lead and do as much or as little as you request from us.


Lease Audit Review

We will work directly with your lease administrators, legal and real estate department to assure that each and every new lease is fair and equitable, and includes the protection you need over the course of the lease to prevent overcharges.


"Modified Bin" Program is Applied

The physical inventory of electrical fixtures is then downloaded into our Modified Bin software system. This proprietary software is the most accurate way of calculating the required KW and KWh for a location based on determining how much energy the system would use based upon the construction of this building, location equipment, whether, files, etc.


Engineering Site Survey

There are many times when a utility overcharge cannot be readily detected from the utility bill. In these situations we will send one of our energy engineers on site to perform an Engineering Survey. Our Energy Engineers will physically inventory every fixture and piece of equipment that draws electricity and create an inventory of electric loads. If necessary, we will install a test meter to quantify the overcharge.


About Us

REMCO Energy operates as an energy consulting, expense reduction and bill payment company for specialty retailers throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Many name-brand retailers for whom REMCO Energy is successfully helping reduce, manage and control energy expenses.

Our Philosophy

At Remco Energy Solutions, we believe results speak louder than words. Since the company’s founding in 1984, that philosophy has made us an industry leader in utility auditing and bill management.

Contact Info

Phone: (908) 420-7519
Address: 5 Independence Way • Princeton, NJ 08540

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