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Managing Corporate Risks and Preserving Assets - Tell me something I did not know?

Imagine, you are incredibly wealthy individual and you don’t want to be bothered paying your own bills. As such, you outsource the payment of your bills to a bill payment provider. You think everything is great; the bill payment provider is a large company which is Sarbanes Oxley Compliant. On a regular basis the bill payment provider provides you with an excel spreadsheet of what invoices are to be paid along with a link to the bills. You assume the bills scheduled to be paid are correct.

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It has recently been brought to our attention that residences are now experiencing the same problems, which corporate America has been dealing with for years. Residential customers have no one to turn to when they receive these absorbent electric bills. The residences are often forced to pay the bill or do without electricity or forego groceries and needed medications. 

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Class-action suit filed against CMP, claiming customers overcharged

More than 600 Central Maine Power Co. customers who believe they have been overcharged on their electricity bills have sued the company and are seeking class-action status, according to a law firm representing them.

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Arizona Public Service

The Arizona Republic's Ryan Randazzo explains what the Arizona Corporation Commission does and how these five elected officials can have a big impact on your electric bill.

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Seattle City Light Class Action

McNaul Ebel is investigating a class action lawsuit against Seattle City Light.

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The Dark Side Of Outsourcing Utility Bill Payment

There have been at least a half a dozen cases over the last five years of skimming and stealing since third parties began auditing and paying bills.

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About our President and CEO, Mary Ann Milsop

As president and CEO of Remco energy, Mary Ann is responsible for creating a distinct vision for the company as the leader in utility and regulatory auditing. Mary Ann is recognized as a proven growth leader with an ability to create high preforming service environments. She previously led Remco Energy to deliver triple digit, top and bottom line growth through multiple business functions...

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Energy Conservation Clauses in Commercial Leases

Earlier this month, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the bipartisan Better Buildings Act to pass its version of the bill in March, and President Obama is expected to sign it into law. In addition to promoting energy efficiency in federal office buildings, it also creates a voluntary, market-based Tenant Star program to encourage landlords and tenants to achieve high levels of energy efficiency in leased office space.

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Leverage Leasing Practices to Reduce Energy and Utility Costs

A growing number of commercial real estate companies, tenants, and brokers are using innovative lease language to increase building performance, save money, and bolster sustainability. In conventional commercial lease structures, the party expending capital for an energy efficiency upgrade does not benefit from the savings created by that upgrade. Click on the Title to Read more.

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