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My name is Mary Ann Milsop and I am President and CEO of Remco Energy. Remco Energy has been in the business of auditing utility bills for fortune 500 companies for over 34 years. Over the last 34 years, Remco literally saved its clients hundreds of millions of dollars in overcharges which would have otherwise been undetected.

It has recently been brought to our attention that residences are now experiencing the same problems, which corporate America has been dealing with for years.

Residential customers have no one to turn to when they receive these absorbent electric bills. The residences are often forced to pay the bill or do without electricity or forego groceries and needed medications.   

Often times, utility over charges are subtle and sometimes go unnoticed by the consumer. The consumer somehow believes and are told by the utility they are using more electricity than they did the year before due to harsh weather conditions, old appliances not working properly, the kids left the computers on etc.  

Other times, there is a drastic increase in the amount of the recorded kilowatt hours. These overcharges, which can be as high as 560% are the direct result of “smart” meters running fast as established in the Dutch study. According to the study, the smart meter is incapable of properly registering actual consumption as certain meter manufacturers did not make allowances for erratic electric waves. These erratic electric waves are emitted from energy efficient appliances.

How ingenious is the “smart meter” if  the consumer can no longer purchase lighting or appliances which are inefficient appliances? 

If you think about it, this is the ultimate “Fleecing of America.” Electric charges should have dropped dramatically, with more efficient lighting, HVAC, solar etc. Instead, electric charges are rising at alarming rates throughout the country and the utilities are still filing for rate increases?

How clever is it for the utilities to name the meter the smart meter? In our opinion:

  • The smart meter offsets the savings which would otherwise be achieved by more efficient lighting, HVAC, solar etc. All of which was installed and paid for by the consumer.
  • When the smart meter records excessive consumption, the utilities revenues increase at the expense of the consumer.

When you go to the store and you purchase a pound of butter, flour or meat you know what you are getting for your money. However, when it comes to purchasing electric how many people understand what they are getting for their money?

In summary, it is our opinion “smart meters” are nothing more than a tool to maximize the utilities revenues, while operating within the regulatory frame work.

We agree the “smart” has to go. If not, consumers should be given the right to “opt” out without having to pay an additional fee for not having a smart meter.

In our opinion, not only are smart meters registering more consumption than what is actually being used. In many instances, the consumer is paying for the cost of the smart meter, through a higher cost per kilowatt hour as approved by the Public Utility Commission.

Residences have no one to turn to when it comes to smart meters and absorbent electric bills. Let Remco and its attorneys be your voice when it comes to smart meters and erroneous utility rate increases.  

Please contribute $5.00 to our campaign to create a legal and expert witness fund to stop smart meter over charges by logging into

Media Contact: Jim Keeney

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Residential customers have no one to turn to when they receive these absorbent electric bills. The residences are often forced to pay the bill or do without electricity or forego groceries and needed medications.
2/2/2022 4:46:22 AM

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