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Retailers Who Go Green Save Trees!

Release date: 6/4/2008

Princeton, NJ -- Have you ever driven down the highway late at night and see a mall that’s all lit up and you know the stores are closed? How about an empty parking lot by a strip center with all of the lights left on?

Did you know that when store lights and parking lot lights are left on all night, often the source of this power generates carbon dioxide emissions – because 90% of all power generation plants in this country are either fired by coal or natural gas?

One company’s solution: In Princeton New Jersey there is an energy consulting company called REMCO Energy who recently teamed up with an energy monitoring equipment manufacturer to help eliminate these wasteful carbon dioxide emissions.

Mary Ann Milsop Founder and CEO of REMCO Energy, explains that through extensive analysis of their retail clients utility bills and store operations, they are able to determine which locations are using excessive amounts of electricity. By installing energy monitoring systems in these specific problem locations we are able to significantly reduce the misuse of electric power and thus reduce excessive carbon dioxide emissions.

Case in point: One client, a national retail chain, just by eliminating unnecessary lighting, reduced their annual kilowatt hour by 208,285. That’s a reduction of 156 tons of CO 2 emissions a year, and the equivalent of 781 more trees in the forest! The added bonus was that by cutting back, this retailer actually received a $2,600,000 dollar win fall...

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REMCO Energy operates as an energy consulting, expense reduction and bill payment company for specialty retailers throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Many name-brand retailers for whom REMCO Energy is successfully helping reduce, manage and control energy expenses.

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